Collaborator alert

PBHS Collaborator’s portal ( will be permanently shut down 5/31/17 at 12pm (PST).    PBHS has captured your patient data, which will be available on our new MySecurePractice portal.  

It may take up to 72 hours for your data to appear within MySecurePractice Portal.    

how can i start using the new system?

If you already have a registered account, you can now login to now.

  1. Register for a free MySecurePractice account, click here
  2. Once you have your login, please login here.
  3. For step by step instructions on how to use our system, click here.

how can i access my old data?

Within the next 72hrs., if you are a registered user within MySecurePractice (using the same email you did on the old system)- you will see a new tab available to collect any old patient cases. Click here for further instructions.