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MyOMS Profile™ Launches Through AAOMS – PBHS Inc. Partnership

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), the professional association that represents more than 11,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons and their staff, and PBHS Inc, one of the most recognized names in OMS website marketing, today announced the creation of the MyOMS ProfileTM service, a new, economical program that will help oral and maxillofacial surgeons boost their online profile and maximize their patient education capabilities.

ADA News Highlights Multiple Benefits of PBHS Spanish-Translated Dental Websites

PBHS websites now include Spanish translations at no additional cost. Recognizing the many benefits to both the practice and the patient, we have taken action over the past year, investing in professional Spanish translations for all of our semi-custom websites.

Building Your Brand with Precision – ADA New Dentist News Highlights Tips for Managing Your Marketing Firm

In the latest issue of ADA New Dentist News, PBHS client Dr. Ash Vasanthan offers important advice for other dental professionals who are just getting started with the building or re-building of their brand. Over the last year, Dr. Vasanthan has worked closely with PBHS professionals in several of its departments, including graphic and website design, […]

ADA Business Resources Endorses PBHS for Website Services and Practice Marketing

Santa Rosa, CA September 03, 2013 — ADA Business Resources has selected PBHS Inc. as the endorsed website design and practice marketing firm for the association’s 120,000 members. Effective immediately, this new endorsement will provide a comprehensive offering of successful and affordable online and print based marketing services, which help dentists attract and retain patients. […]

Branding: Identity for the Web and Beyond

What do you want your practice to be known for? Your brand establishes recognition with your patients, communicating your mission, philosophy, and professional approach. Consistent branding on your website, social media platforms, advertisements and all printed material is essential when driving and maintaining your presence within the marketplace. Basic information that is displayed, like a […]

With Mobile Traffic On The Rise, Your Website Must Be The Right Size!

Smart phone users have the world at their fingertips. In this age, it’s less about knowing everything and more about the ability to find anything. It’s not uncommon for someone who is in mid-conversation to pick up their smart phone and Google for an answer which noone else can remember. Would someone be able to […]

Responsive Medical and Dental Website Design

One of the most recent buzzwords within the development world is “responsive website design”. You may be wondering what makes a website responsive and why it is important. The driving force behind the responsive design movement is the rapid rise and adaptation of mobile devices. PBHS is committed to staying up to date with current trends.

PBHS TruForm: Online Patient Registration That Saves You Time & Money

Learn how TruForm can save your staff over 12 hours of data entry each week in our educational video! TruForm helps doctors increase productivity with easy-to-use software that quickly plugs into your website. New patients can use it online anywhere, anytime. TruForm helps you design user-friendly forms, provides a secure solution and integrates with many […]

How Can Social Media Work For Your Dental Practice

Social media may seem like a time-wasting kick to the parents of a modern teenage girl, but to marketers it has become a powerful new supplement to word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook “likes”, Twitter “followers”, and Google+ reviews are the budding methodology for drawing new clients in from the Internet.